Vacation Rental Success Summit

San Antonio

May 19-20, 2018

Take your vacation rental from 'best kept secret' to household name
-The premier vacation rental conference-

2018 Speakers

More Bookings • Better Rates • Less Work

Learn how from the top leaders in the industry at VRSS

Steve Milo - Founder



David Angotti - Co-Founder



Andrew McConnell - CEO



Wes Melton – Co-Founder,



Andy McNulty, Co-Founder, Guest Hook


Guest Hook

Tammi Sims - Head of Community, Properly


Head of Community

Tammi Sims - Head of Community, Properly


Vacation Rental Interior Design
1 Chic Retreat

Jason Beaton – Chief Marketing Officer, Vacation Rental Formula


Chief Marketing Officer
Vacation Rental Formula

Amy Hinote – Editor & Founder, VRMintel


Editor & Founder

Alex Nigg – Founder, Properly



Erica Muller – Founder, CEO, Vrolio



Jessica Gillingham - Director, Abode PR


Abode PR

Conrad O'Connell - Marketing Consultant & Founder, 91Digital


Marketing Consultant & Founder

Vince Perez - Co-Founder & CEO, Fetch My Guest


Co-Founder & CEO
Fetch My Guest

Darren Pettyjohn, Proper Insurance


Proper Insurance

Harry Brooks, Conversion Pipeline


Conversion Pipeline

Matt Landau, VRMB



Heather Bayer, Vacation Rental Formula


Vacation Rental Formula

Why Come To VRSS?

Have the vacation rental people come back to again and again!


Reliable, Recurring Revenue from your vacation property without the stress.

Booked Calendar

A fully booked vacation rental calendar.

Business Growth

Happy guests who can't wait to book again year after year

We Know the

The Struggle For Bookings

Having your calendar booked with loyal guests seems like a dream. Turns out ‘list it and they’ll come’ isn’t quite true - there’s more to having a profitable vacation rental than that.

How do you attract the right people, at the right price, and have them return year after year?

and Stressed

Responding to inquiries quickly, answering 30 emails for every 1 booking, having the property clean and ready for the next guests… without the right systems in place, it can be time consuming.

How can you work less while earning more from your property?

Blending In

You’re trying to stand out from the crowd and be memorable. But it seems like everybody’s got a “great view” and offers “relaxation and escape” just like your rental.

How do you get noticed?

Feeling Alone

Sometimes it feels like you’re the ONLY one with a property. You want to bounce ideas off someone and get advice, but your friends don’t ‘get it’.

When you have connections and resources, increasing your vacation rental profits and reputation is much easier!

An Ever-changing Process

It's tough to manage the guest experience from start to finish when bookings don’t come through your own website. Onboarding processes keep changing, you can’t control the quality of the guest experience, and it seems like extra fees get tacked on here and there.

Plus, agencies make it tough to build the host-guest relationship. How can you give people the best experience to encourage repeat bookings when you don’t know anything about them?

We Know the


"How do I market my vacation rental?"

You'll learn to:

  • Create a unique guest experience that has them coming back to YOU for their vacation spot every year
  • Perfect your ‘marketing cocktail’ - use social media effectively, write property descriptions that sell, and get your listing at the top of search engines for your area
  • Bookings like a Marketing Rockstar

"How can I keep this from taking up all of my time?"

The vacation rental business can keep you busy! We'll show you how to:

  • Find people you trust to help run your business the way you want it run
  • Get systems and automations in place to save you time - without sacrificing the guest experience
  • Put a dependable team in place so you enjoy the business … even scale up and buy more properties!

"How can I make this business profitable and get to the next level?"

Vacation rental owners can make money - a lot, actually - and build themselves a nice retirement income from it, we'll help you:

  • Make sure you’re spending your investment money wisely
  • Learn how to grow from a “hobby” to easily owning several properties to increase your revenue
  • Streamline your processes, network with others, and learn how to manage many properties at a time.

Is This Event For You?

VRSS provides in-depth informative presentations for
anyone in the vacation rental industry.

Vacation Rental Owners

Vacation Rental Hosts

Hosting guests in your home has become a very popular and lucrative proposition. The competition, however, is tighter and the expectations of your guests are higher with each passing year. How are you going to get 5 reviews? Have you had problematic guests and don't know how to prevent that from happening? Are you concerned about local legislation and how that might impact your extra revenue?

Vacation Rental Hosts

Vacation Rental Owners

With over 1 million properties on the rental market in North America alone, standing out from the crowd can be difficult. The endless phone calls and emails that don't lead to bookings are exhausting. Do you wish there was an easier way to get your bookings? When was the last time you felt comfortable when your cell phone was out of reach? Would a community of helpful peers benefit you?

Vacation Rental Managers

Vacation Rental Managers

How do you show your owners that you are at the top of your game? It takes a lot of time to find, onboard, and nurture new owners and keep them happy. Ready to turn owners into raving fans? Do you wish you had trouble finding available weeks for your guests because you are fully booked? How are you going to convince owners that you bring value to their business?



What is your niche right now? Quick sales are great but if you’ve been in the business for awhile you know it never lasts. Do you wish you had a recurring customer base that comes back every few years? Do you want to be the leading sales rep in your brokerage? When was the last time you got excited about a new way to dominate a new market in your sales area?

What You'll Learn

Walk away with valuable knowledge and skills

Vacation Rental Success Summit

Get Your Property On Top of Google

…and other marketing mysteries, solved! Tap into the power of digital marketing and watch your bookings soar. You’ll learn about social media, paid traffic like Facebook ads, how to rank on search engines, and even a super simple strategy to keep people returning year after year - on autopilot.


Do More In Less Time

Automate more than you could ever imagine in your business, so you have time to enjoy what really matters - like spending time with the grandkids.


Get In Front Of The Right People

Increase your exposure. Build your reputation. Getting PR isn’t just for the big guys anymore! You’ll learn how to get your listing showcased on the right travel sites so your property gets seen by people who’ll book.


Put The Guest Experience Front And Center

Perfecting the guest experience is essential. Learn how to provide hospitality that generates delighted guests, glowing reviews, and increased bookings. Extraordinary guest experiences are key the whole way through - unique listings, communication, amenities, and home design so your guests feel confident in the process, relaxed, joyful and excited to return.


Create A Brand - Never Be 'Just Another Listing' Again

Develop a standout brand which attracts guests like a magnet and creates reliable revenue from repeat guests.


Know What Your Guests Want - And How To Make It Happen

Discover the experience future guests want and how to provide it. Your vacation rental will stand above and beyond the competition so your guests can’t wait to hit that “Book Now” button.


Build Your Rental Dynasty

Play 18 holes or nap on the hammock knowing your all-star team is taking care of everything - just the way you want it. You'll learn how to find, hire, onboard, and manage freelance professionals so you work less and succeed faster.

VRSS Supports You All Year Round

Keep up your momentum with our private summit facebook group!

You’ll get challenges to keep you on track, inspired, and motivated. We don’t get you fired up for only a couple days… we fan those flames all year long so you keep growing your profitable vacation rental business!

Join us & become part of a growing family of vacation rental owners and managers who connect and make their businesses better year after year.

Want a glimpse into what VRSS 2017 looked like?

One week's booking will pay for the entire event and increase your profit for years to come.


Here's what past attendees are saying

Bonnie Gerow

I thought it was absolutely, unbelievably great. I can’t believe the quality I am getting, for the price I’m paying.

-Bonnie Gerow, vacation rental owner

Maria Rekrut

The Vacation Rental Industry has become so very sophisticated now, that you need to attend these conferences and summits in order to learn and be ahead of the crowd

-Maria Rekrut, vacation rental owner

Tyann Marcink

Having a conference put on by owners for owners was very refreshing as well. I think what stood out to me was the caliber of the knowledge of everyone I listened to who spoke.

-Tyann Marcink, vacation rental owner

Bob Daugs

This is the place to be. If you want to do a vacation rental home anywhere in the world, this is the place where the best minds are.

-Bob Daugs, vacation rental owner

Vacation Rental Success Summit Attendees, Gary and Natasha

Gary and his wife Natasha attended the VRSS16 conference with no property of their own and no idea what to expect.

In under a year, they bought property, developed a cash flow positive business, and fully booked their peak season. They now have a 5-star rating and repeat bookings with a number of listing sites, using innovative technology to create an outstanding guest experience without actually being on site.


The Westin Riverwalk

We know how important the guest experience is, which is why we’ve chosen the best location in San Antonio - located right on the famous Riverwalk!

You work hard creating memorable experiences for others - and now it’s your turn. Relax and enjoy Texan charm at the Riverwalk, which is praised for its style, service, and sweeping views.

As a special incentive to stay on site at the Westin Riverwalk (which helps support VRSS) we will be including breakfast for all guests.

The Westin Riverwalk

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