May 6th-7th, 2017

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Are you a rental host?

Since the launch of Airbnb, back in 2008, hosting guests in your home has become a very popular and lucrative proposition. However the competition is increasing dramatically and the expectations of your guests is getting higher. Do you worry about getting 5* reviews? Have you had bad guests and don't know what to do? Are you concerned about local legislation and how that might impact your extra revenue?

We have the answers at #VRSS. Come and get your answers.

Are you a vacation rental owner?

With over 1 million properties on the rental market in North America alone, standing out from the crowd can be difficult. The endless phone calls and emails that don't lead to bookings can be exhausting. Do you wish their was an easier way to get your bookings? When was the last time you felt comfortable being out of reach of your cell phone? Would a community of helpful peers help you?

We have the answers at #VRSS. Come and get your answers.

Are you a vacation rental manager?

How do you show your owners that you are on the top of your game? It takes a lot of time to find, onboard and nurture new owners and you know that this can be a thankless task. Do you feel your owners are raving fans? Do you wish you had trouble finding available weeks for your guests because you are fully booked? How are you going to be the goto management agency in your area?

We have the answers at #VRSS. Come and get your answers.

Are you a realtor?

What is your niche right now? If you are making quick sales that's great but if you have been in the business for any length of time you know it never lasts. Do you wish you had a recurring customer base that comes back every few years? Do you want to be the leading sales rep in your brokerage? When was the last time you got excited about a new way to dominate a new market in your sales area?

We have the answers at #VRSS. Come and get your answers.

| The Rental Market Is Exploding |

The $100 billion industry vacation rental sector could be going into over-drive as it attracts growing interest from investors, major hospitality brands and travelers seeking alternate accommodations.
— LeisureLink (via Skift)

| Get Your Answers At #VRSS|

Stand Out From The Crowd >>

In this rapidly growing market, standing out from the crowd is of paramount importance. Whether is be be your marketing strategy, your ability to deliver an incredible guest experience or the way you stage and present your property. This event is the perfect venue for you to learn and perfect your ability to grab the attention of your potential guests....and convert them into bookings.

Increase Your Bookings >>

Let's face it. Bookings are the key. Attempting to achieve maximum occupancy is a goal that needs to be of top priority. We are bringing to the stage and the exhibiting floor some of the best educators and some of the best products and services to help you achieve this target and see your rental bookings soar.

Master Marketing & Social Media >>

Trying to 'Be Everywhere' can seem like an uphill struggle! All your guests have a medium that they connect with, and finding the right platform you feel comfortable mastering is the key to success. Get a handle on socail media marketing, automation and channel management with the experts who have been through your same challenges and have the solutions.

You Are Not Alone >>

Being a vacation rental business owner can sometimes feel lonely. We created this event to unsure you never feel like that again. We want to welcome you into a community of rental professionals who have been where you are and are keen to network, learn and share from each other to achieve the mutual goal of rental success.

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May 6th-7th, 2017 | Toronto, Canada

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We would like to welcome our
2017 Keynote Speakers

The Smartest VR Experts And Marketing Professionals Presenting This Year...

Evelyn Badia

Jason Beaton

Mark Bordo

Mercedes Brennan

Beth Carson

Chad Fullerton

Jessica Gillingham

John Graham

Andrew McConnell

Andy McNulty

Gary Miller

Alex Nigg & Tammi Sims

Conrad O’Connell

Vince Perez

Martin Picard

Vanessa de Souza Lage

Richard Vaughton

Jessica Vozel

Heather Weiermann

Nikki Woodson Blair





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Add On An Extra Day And Choose From 2 Incredible Workshop Options

5th May 2017

  • Discover The 6 Steps To Rental Success
  • Full Workbook To Follow Along
  • Access To Extensive Supporting Materials
  • Special surprise bonus...
More Info

The Vacation Rental Owners Guide: From Start To Success

This workshop is designed for new and existing vacation rental owners

  • Get Help To Develop A Marketing Plan
  • How to market with a reasonable budget
  • Full Workbook To Follow Along
  • Use The Essential Tools To Become LSI
More Info

The New Vacation Rental Marketing Strategy: The road to becoming LSI

This workshop is designed for experienced vacation rental owners

Vacation Rental Owners Guide: From Start To Success

Presented by Heather Bayer


If you're thinking of buying your first vacation rental, or already have one – but aren't happy with your results – I Invite you to join me on this full-day workshop, "How To Buy, Stage, And Launch A Successful Vacation Rental In 2017!"

As Co-Founder of 'The Vacation Rental Formula' I've helped thousands of people launch their own vacation rental business. To date, my students have rented to thousands of guests, built a solid customer base, and increased their profits.

(Not to mention they receive top reviews… and I'm not talking about just average 3 or 4 start but 5 star rave reviews!)

And now is your chance to finally launch your first or next vacation rental business, just like the vacation rental experts you have been learning from!

It doesn't matter how experienced (or inexperienced) you are. I'm going to give you the exact same steps I used and the same steps my students have used to launch their rental businesses.

The only requirement? You need to be excited about launching your own successful rental business… and ready to do some work… because this workshop isn't about pie-in-the-sky concepts and theories. We're going to do some real work!

By the end of this workshop you will have a complete step-by-step plan for launching a rental business that's irresistible to your target audience, and positioned for success.

You will learn:

  • How to select and purchase the perfect property your target audience can't resist – using my fill-in-the-blanks Avatar template (skipping this step is the #1 cause of failure in vacation rental today)
  • The principle strategies to prepare your property for rental and staged for incredible photos
  • 5 Simple marketing stratergies that even the tech-phobic can master
  • What are the essential systems to establish to ensure a 'minimum effort' rental
  • My secret sauce to achieving optimum guest satisfaction
  • How to prepare your rental business for an extremely profitable exit strategy
  • The key steps to grow your rental business should you wish to become an income property investor

PLUS… a Q&A session with rental marketing expert sharing how to create a marketing strategy to ensure you have control over your rental business.

As you can see…this workshop is not for rental hobbyists :). It will be intensive and it will give you the full foundation you need to launch (or re-launch) a great rental business. Expect to grab your lunch to go as we have a lot to cover.

If you're thinking about launching a new property or if you're a manager helping others launch theirs, this is a Vacation Rental Success Summit 2017 workshop you can't miss.

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The New Vacation Rental Marketing Strategy: The road to becoming LSI

Presenter TBD

LSI or Listing Site Independence is a term that being widely used as a rental marketing goal. Simply put, it means to alleviate a rental owners dependance on the large listing sites for the bulk of your rental leads.

You may have heard of the quote 'Never build you business on rented real estate'. If you rely solely on your leads from a big listing site there is no telling what might happen to that business. It could get bought out. It could go bankrupt. You may think this is not likely but the world of big business can severely impact your small business overnight.

The content of this workshop will help you achieve LSI or at least make large listing sites a very small percentage of your overall marketing strategy without breaking your marketing budget.

You will learn:

  • How to understand who to market to by defining your perfect guest using a fill-in-the-blanks Avatar template (skipping this step is the #1 cause of failure in vacation rental today)
  • The essential steps to create a perfect sales funnel to bring in leads and turn them into guests using an automated system
  • How to target your potential leads with exactly what they are looking for in a perfect vacation
  • Much, much more...
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